Made in America Means Jobs.®  Made in America Means Quality.®

manufacturingThere are numerous published articles and statistics on the benefit of American-made products in relation to job creation, economic growth, and the healthy development of families and communities.

In past years, many U.S. manufacturers moved to foreign soil to save costs, taking jobs away from a large segment of the American population.  Recently, the trend has been reversing.  As manufacturers continue to struggle to remain competitive in the global economy, many are reshoring operations back to America.

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'Made in the USA' is known for one thing, quality. It's not about the cheapest product, but the best quality product. ~ Robert von Goeben, co-founder of California-based Green Toys

For more information and statistics, you may contact the following:

National Association of Manufacturers
Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
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- and numerous other resources