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American Concepts is passionate about American-made products.

The American “experiment” has evolved into an amazing success, not least of which is the economic powerhouse driven by American ingenuity and work ethic. This is something to be celebrated! American Concepts shines a spotlight on those companies that embrace the American-made approach. While there are hundreds of “Made in America” promotional organizations and companies, American Concepts offers a unique way for companies and manufacturers to promote their American roots through customized stickers, photos, etc., incorporating the Made in America Means Jobs® and Made in America Means Quality® slogans.

We strongly believe that domestic job creation uplifts the spirit of American society.  We are dedicated to advocating American-made products. To help fulfill our mission, we sell co-branded items with your company name and logo added. We also offer licensing for the use of our trademarks.

Ask not how much profit your company makes.  Ask how much your profit contributes to American families and communities. ~ John Sajjadi, Founder of American Concepts

Our Founder

John Sajjadi came to America in October, 1984, settling in Arlington, Virginia. He arrived at a time when the United States was expanding its international trade channels. As an Iranian-American, he came to realize the value of “Made in America” products and the spirit that motto generates for job creation, economic growth, and vibrant communities.

John earned a Bachelor's Degree in Textile Engineering in 1971 from the University of Leeds in England. He went on to earn a Masters of Engineering in Control and Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield, England in 1972, and a doctorate in Production Management from the University of Bradford (England) Management Center in 1975. His doctoral thesis was on efficient systems for assembly line production and management.

1987, John founded a reprographic imaging and document management company in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. This company continues to provide quality services to public and private entities, as well as federal and state agencies.

For John, “Made in America” means jobs, a solid foundation for family values, and a healthy society. He believes promoting products manufactured in the USA encourages entrepreneurship, greater self-reliance, and American ingenuity. It means encouraging and supporting incentives that maintain a dynamic and diverse economy. This benefits the domestic and global marketplace.

John believes America’s global leadership is based on individuals and businesses working together to craft products and production methods that raise living standards both at home and abroad.

John Sajjadi, Founder of American Concepts