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3 Sep by John Sajjadi

9 Steps to Revitalize America’s Manufacturing Communities

For the past year, experts and stakeholders across the country have worked together to develop a new industrial policy that explicitly ties the goals of rebuilding America’s manufacturing base to that of revitalizing economically vulnerable communities and distressed regions. This endeavor has been called the High Wage America Project, whose interlinked priorities include spurring innovation, […]
10 Jun by John Sajjadi

The Power of Manufacturers Using ‘Made in the USA’ in Marketing

“Made in the USA” marketing demonstrates your company’s commitment to a better quality of life for local workers and stronger economies for the communities in which your facilities are located. “Made in the USA” marketing makes smart business sense. U.S. manufacturers are discovering that home-grown production has increasing financial benefits, especially compared to China, whose […]
10 May by John Sajjadi

What Happens to a Factory Town When the Factory Shuts Down …

Early in the morning on Nov. 26, 2018, Dave Green, the president of Local 1112 of the United Auto Workers, which represents workers at a General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio, received a call from the plant’s personnel director. Green needed to be at the plant at 9 a.m. for a meeting. The personnel director […]