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American-made products keep Americans working and support the economy.

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Most consumers are willing to pay a little more for quality American-made products.

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American Concepts shines a spotlight on businesses that embrace the American-made approach.

We are committed to the entrepreneurial spirit of creativity and innovation. We are dedicated to advocating American-made products.

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In Manufacturing, U.S. Ranks High in Productivity and Innovation

The United States ranks near the top for overall manufacturing environment in a new Brookings Institution report that evaluated nations on the basis of policies and regulations, taxes, costs, workforce quality and infrastructure and innovation. American manufacturing drives 35 percent of productivity growth, 60 percent of exports, and 70 percent of private sector R&D nationwide, the […]

Honoring Veterans through Partnership And Education

(NewsUSA) – Every year on November 11th, we formally thank men and women who have honorably served in the United States military. In fact, Veterans Day was born on May 13, 1938 as a way of honoring the veterans of WWI. Fast forward to 2017, and thousands of our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters have served […]

Five Reasons Why America’s Manufacturing Is Growing Again

From thebalance.com By Kimberly Amadeo U.S. manufacturing is the transformation of raw materials into new products. The process is mechanical, physical, or chemical. The raw materials include commodities or components. It is the second stage of the supply chain. Manufacturing businesses include plants, factories, and mills. They make their products with power-driven machines and equipment. […]